New Partnerships and Events

Columbus Gives Back strives to form collaborative relationships with nonprofits in Central Ohio that engage our volunteers. This means we are looking for relationships that go beyond advocacy, benefit Columbus, and have the ability to host volunteer events and potentially recruit our members into serving as continued volunteers.

Columbus Gives Back enjoys partnering with agencies for recurring opportunities and one-time events. For recurring opportunities, it is important that the nonprofit will always have meaningful work for our volunteers, and for one-time events it is important that the event be truly collaborative and we can connect the mission of the nonprofit to the mission of Columbus Gives Back.

Philanthropy of the Month

General criteria for our events:

  • Event can handle between 5-20 volunteers
  • Shift lasts between 1.5 and 4 hours
  • Most of our volunteers are working professionals, so we try to hold events during evening or weekend hours
  • Activities that facilitate socializing among volunteers are strongly encouraged

This new initiative is a great way for Columbus Gives Back to introduce a new collaborative partnership or further develop an existing relationship with a central Ohio nonprofit. The idea behind our Philanthropy of the Month is to really connect young professionals to an issue that faces Columbus, the mission of a Nonprofit tackling that issue, and an opportunity to be a part of this mission in some way or another. Our mission as Columbus Gives Back blends into the mission of our partners by creating opportunities to introduce our members to the nonprofit through social volunteerism.

For a specific month, Columbus Gives Back will have a happy hour hosted by a favorite Columbus watering hole, during which attendees bring in items to donate towards a program or mission of the nonprofit’s choosing. Additionally, at least one volunteer collaboration event will be scheduled, and a spotlight on our website and social media plan for the month will help publicize the amazing things our partners do and how our members can be a part of it.

For questions or ideas about collaborations, events, or Philanthropy of the Month, please contact Alfred Yates at

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